Hello, friends!

I’m Lauren, a 30-something mama of two tiny humans and a higher education professional, living near Philadelphia. In a previous life, I wrote about food, travel and the early years of marriage and parenthood.

It was lots of fun, but I felt like I needed a new spot for documenting this current stage of life, in which I’m chronically tired, overwhelmed, and generally still trying to get the hang of being an adult.

I’m making it work with a little (okay, lots) of help from my super patient husband, too much coffee and pretty, sparkly things.

I am a proud introvert (who pretends to be an extrovert), with a tendency to overthink everything. I spend way too much of my free time maximizing my Amazon Prime subscription and making lists, which I then can never find when I actually need to refer to them.

Travel and adventures are my favorite (as are solo trips to the bathroom and Target, because I take what I can get these days). I plan to work at Paper Source when I retire (not kidding).

Let’s be friends!