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Dear B: Fifth Birthday Edition

Dear B,

This was just yesterday, wasn’t it?

So, how are you already blowing out the candles on your fifth birthday cake?

You often ask me to tell you the story of “the time that you found the cutest baby.” And, of course, I oversimplify greatly when I tell you how I went to the hospital on August 30, 2013, looked through the window to the nursery, spotted you and said “that’s the baby that I want to take home!”

And, you laugh when I tell you that when we got home, you cried all night, pooped in your diaper, ate all my food and climbed all over me like a jungle gym.

When all of that was happening in those early days, it was hard for me to picture what you would be like when you were a “real person.”

And, now, here you are.

You are super smart, creative, curious, and silly. You can dance, sing, draw the most beautiful fairies and love My Little Pony more than anyone I’ve ever met (which is saying something, because I’ve always considered myself the ultimate fan).

You have strong opinions about everything. If I had a dime for every time you stomped your foot (which is always clad in a very fashionable shoe because you love a good accessory) and said “Let me tell you something, Mama!” I could retire immediately.

We clash sometimes, but when it comes down to it, you are my little best friend. Trips to the grocery store or Target, the nail salon, or the library are more fun when you are by my side. You notice things that I would otherwise pass by (I mean, who else stops to tell all the mannequins how beautiful they look?). And, you are always willing to stop for a milkshake.

You are kind to everyone you meet—your little sister, other kids at the park, dogs that you meet on the street. Out of all of the things you are, that quality probably makes me smile the most.

Next week, you will go to kindergarten. You’ll keep making friends and leaving a little sparkle wherever you go. I will do my best to hold it together when you get on the bus so as not to embarrass you…but I can’t make any promises.

No matter what, you will, without a doubt, always be the cutest baby that I’ve ever laid eyes on. I will love you even when we are in a fight. I will never get tired of watching you grow into that big personality. And, I’ll always remember how lucky I am that you picked me to be your mommy.

Love you always,


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