Summer Bucket List

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Anyone who knows me, knows I am generally not a fan of the weather this season brings. But, what I am a fan of is the slower pace of life during this middle part of the year. It feels like we need that more than ever, after the last few, very hectic months.

The most surprising thing about this stage of life is how tiring it is. I assumed that once both kids were out of the very tiny human stage, that things wouldn’t be quite as exhausting. Now, I’m just a different kind of tired.

It’s the kind of mental exhaustion that comes with juggling schedules, getting out the door on time (or at least not ridiculously late), remembering to buy dance recital tickets, reading the same story on repeat, calming tantrums because someone wanted to wear a dress and not shorts, going grocery shopping, generally running from one thing to the next and at be end of the day, realizing that you have barely had 15 free minutes simply to gather your own thoughts.

I know I am not necessarily unique in any of this, and that things will only get busier. But, as the type of person who craves quiet time alone to be able to recharge, the feeling of constantly being on the go, surrounded by other people most of the time, has been a particular struggle for me lately. I often feel like a piece of silly putty, trying my best to keep myself together, while being stretched to the limit.

So, my summer bucket list this year is less about packing the calendar with things to do (although there are definitely some adventures on the horizon), and having time and space to just…be.

To disconnect a bit from real life.

Make fewer to to-do lists.

Soak up all the things I want to remember about my girls at the ages that they are right now.

No doubt, though, the season will still fly by.

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