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There Are Days…

There are days where I get angry too easily at them for being noisy, cranky and needy (basically, for just being kids).

Days where I am running late, so I decide to tempt fate and not wrestle a tiny human onto the potty before leaving the house, only to have her pee in the car seat…again.

Days where I make plans in my head to give them an adventure, only to end up spending the afternoon binge-watching My Little Pony.

Days where I make more trips to the bathroom than I actually need because sometimes that’s where I can have two interrupted minutes without anyone touching me.

There are days where it’s peanut butter sandwiches for dinner, because it’s the end of the week and we’ve already cycled through all of the foods that they will actually eat.

But, to make that seem like less like totally giving up, we take those sandwiches outside for a dinner time picnic on the deck. It’s the unofficial start of summer after all.

But, then there is that moment when the big one looks at me and says “I’m having so much fun, mommy!” While the little one puts my sunglasses on her tiny nose, upside down, and proclaims the look “very stylish.”

We laugh, and the two of them start to make up a story about the robin that landed on the roof of the garage, and I think to myself, “maybe I’m not doing so badly after all.”

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